A well-earned piece of America’s history has now been engraved

The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron have had a silver band on the trophy re-modelled to fit their victories on.


It is just over a year since New Zealand won the Auld Cup known as America’s Cup in Bermuda, but there was no reference to that on the trophy because there was no space left for the engraving until now.

The reason behind the lack of space on the cup was due to previous winners names from the past 15 or so years being engraved in a larger font.

The original font going back to 1851 is a modest 1.5 millimetres in today's terms, expanding to three mils on the cup's second tier and now close to five mils.

To restore the balance, the cup's lower tiers headed back to Gerrard’s the crown jewellers in London - where it was delicately bent back into shape after that infamous hammer attack in 1997 - and where history has been rewritten, or more correctly, resized.

The bottom tier was given smaller engraving and now there is space for more winners.

Also, London-bound and melted down and placed inside the cup were two pieces that mysteriously disappeared during its last repair and became the subject of a court order when they just as mysteriously reappeared in a listing on eBay.

The America’s Cup will take pride of place once again at The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron the only difference now is it has been engraved with New Zealand’s well-deserved win in 2017.

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